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About Etiquette Scholar

the website

The Etiquette Scholar website is a comprehensive dining etiquette reference including not only western dining etiquette rules, but also international etiquette guidelines in recognition that the world is a shrinking place. The information in our dining etiquette site results from the culmination of years of research, resulting in the best information available on each dining etiquette subject. Each dining etiquette section is rich in information, but also interesting and enjoyable. The content of each lesson has been compiled by consulting respected business professionals, journalists, and teachers; as well as through innumerable hours of researching the various areas of dining etiquette using all available reference materials on these topics. The resulting dining etiquette pages give the reader a consensus view of the important dining etiquette topics and rules without wasting the reader’s time with useless information.

New etiquette and manners pages and sections will be added to the series on a regular basis - so please check back in the coming months to see what new lessons have been introduced.

the company

Yellowstone Publishing, LLC, founded in 2007, publishes audio books and creates etiquette websites.

executive profile

Michael Lininger

Mike Lininger is the president and managing partner of Yellowstone Publishing, LLC and oversees the operation of the company’s publishing business.

Mr. Lininger is a licensed attorney in good standing. Before forming Yellowstone Publishing, LLC, he practiced law for 10 years as a corporate attorney. He currently works in the securities industry.

Mr. Lininger formed Yellowstone Publishing, LLC to create educational materials for professionals needing effective, efficient educational materials on etiquette and dining. The Etiquette Scholar series is the result.

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