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Sashimi, Sushi

Table manners for eating sushi. In Japan, the assorted raw fish dishes called sushi are eaten with chopsticks or the fingers. Whichever method you choose, there's a correct way to dip a piece of sushi into the accompanying soy sauce. So that the sticky rice won't break up, only the fish side is dipped into sauce; the piece is then brought to the mouth and eaten in one bite. If you forgo tradition altogether and use a fork, cut any pieces that are too large to eat in a single bite with your knife and fork.

Table manners for eating sashimi. A typical Japanese meal begins with sashimi-thinly sliced, raw, boneless fish served without rice. Mix a small amount of wasabi in the dish of soy sauce provided. Then dip the fish into the sauce with chopsticks or a fork.

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